Real Estate and Inflation

“Better to do something imperfectly than to do Nothing at all.”




We haven’t heard a lot about inflation recently.  However, prices have started to creep upward over the last year.  Let’s address the issue of inflation and the advantages of owning real estate.  The National Association of Realtors ( NAR) took a historic look at the impact of inflation.  Here are some inflation numbers over the past 30 years:


We can see that real estate has fared very well.  The most important number is the $0 increase in mortgage amount.  The study assumed that the homeowner took a 30 year fixed rate mortgage thereby locking in the housing expense for the thirty years.

NAR then looked at inflation moving forward over the next thirty years.  Obviously, if it remained the same as the last thirty years the percentage increase would be the same.  They looked at a low inflation scenario and a high inflation scenario.  The graph below shows the findings:








Bottom Line:

We can lock in the housing costs of our primary residences and vacation homes at all time lows if we purchase today.  Either would be a great hedge against future inflation.


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